Law Horn Kung Fu Academy

Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art which promotes health, respect, self awareness, self confidence & self defense through disciplined training of body & mind. It is a philosophy to achieved harmony in life and society without promoting violence.

My Jong Law Horn Kung Fu program is taught under the instruction of Sifu Jess Kung. He has studied Kung Fu since 1967 and accumulated over 20 years of teaching experience. He has an open minded attitude toward teaching. He is the board director for the Alberta Wu Su Assocaiation.

Our school teaches open hand routines, weapon routines, sparring and self defense skills. We adopt the color level ranking system similar to the Karate style in order to compete in the open martial art tournament.

Our Kung Fu program has been in operation for the last 20+ years in South Calgary. Students from the club have won many tournaments in Canada and the world.