Sanjay Behal's Profile

    Sanjay has been training in the style of My Jong Law Horn Kung Fu with Sifu Jess Kung for over thirteen years. He was awarded his black belt by Sifu Jess in 2008 and is currently an assistant instructor. He enjoys training and teaching, and also enjoys competing in tournaments. Over the years Sanjay has competed at tournaments at various levels including the WKA series at the provincials, nationals and internationals.

    Sanjay completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary in the Bachelor of Commerce program. He is currently training at two locations; Fish Creek My Jong Law Horn Kung Fu with Sifu Jess and the Alberta Kung Fu Association with Sifu Vincent Murakami, located at the University of Calgary.

    In his training, Sanjay has focused on open hand forms, weapons forms and sparring. He shares his passion for the martial arts in his work as an assistant instructor and is continually learning by attending seminars and workshops. For the past seven years he has been assistant teaching the six to nineteen year old youth classes. Since 2008, Sanjay has also been teaching adult classes at both clubs.

    Sanjay continues his life long passion for training and competing in the martial arts. He looks forward to both learning from and sharing his knowledge with all students who have a similar desire.