Ashok Bhandari's Profile

Ashok Bhandari's profile:

  • Has been training in the style of MJLH Kung Fu with Sifu Jess Kung for over 12 years.
  • Received black belt in 2009 and has since taught as an assistant instructor
  • Has been training and teaching at Alberta Kung Fu Association at the University of Calgary with Sifu Vincent Murakami for the last 2 years
  • Has competed in a number of tournaments and competitions over the last 10 years, including provincial and national level competitions
  • Has focused on open hand and weapon forms, along with point sparring in competition
  • Has experience demonstrating open hand and weapon, single and two-man forms as well as sparring
  • Currently studying in the field of exercise and health physiology to further develop his skills, understanding, and awareness of innovative physical and mental training techniques
  • Along with continually learning and expanding his knowledge about martial arts, Ashok dedicates his time to teaching, training, and competing in various open martial arts tournaments